Parent’s Evening – Making the Most

Our home to school connection, we will be giving you tips about making the best of Parent’s evenings, because parents’ evening are an invaluable way to support your child’s education and improve home- school communications.

Parents as partner

This is a quick guide to parents as partners to your kids education.

  • HOMEWORK: It is essential that you do your homework, speak with your child asking them about school as you will not want to have a surprise especially the nasty type but more importantly to have your child’s point of view of areas of strength & weakness. Walk through last report and make note of key areas.
  • COMMUNICATION: This is key, the evening is a 2 way discussion of exchange of information. Top tip!!! let the teacher speak first, so they cover all they need to. Keep your emotions under check as it’s not the time nor the place to get all emotional, so remain cool, calm & collected, all the more reason to find the time to do your homework as this will help maintain that composure. Make sure you really listen to what is been discussed on the day.

parent's evening

  • TIMING: Very important, No African time please! and know how much time you have in front of the teacher, this will help you make the best of it. Do not overrun your appointment as that will mean other parents will be waiting and getting very agitated, this will have a knock on effect on the meeting and the teacher’s interest is lost,so if there is a need for more discussion arrange another time instead and keep to it

parents evening

  • QUESTIONS TO ASK: Every parents’ evening is different ,so is every child and class year but some questions can be used time and time again, Is my child working to his/her best ability? Do they participate in class? Are there any areas they find difficult? What can we do at home to help? What are their targets in key subjects? Most teachers will respond to positive parents, however if you hear negative comments do not be aggressive or defensive, instead acknowledge there is an issue and ask for advice but also ask your child when you get home.
  • AT HOME:Speak to your child, give them positive feedback first, achievements and then constructive feed back, be open, talk about the goals set for them in the various areas and how you will assist in achieving these goals. Let them have a personal development plan. If they had particular concerns give them your findings and how you plan to work with them to overcome these concerns.

Hope you had some good pointers/tip and do have a lovely parent’s evening.

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We are an edutainment company involved in the production, promotion, distribution and sales of EDUCATIONAL PUZZLES, BOARD GAMES, LEARNING and TRAINING RESOURCES. We support the educational journey of the African pupil, student or worker by intellectually challenging them and encouraging learning in fun filled ways. 

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