Nigeria’s first 21 Schools adopting 21st Century Learning

Puzzlextra Limited is thrilled to announce our first 21 Exemplar 21st Century Learning Schools in Nigeria.

We advocate for 21st century readiness for every student, just under a year of introducing this learning style in Nigeria, we are proud to name our first 21 schools in 4 major towns in Nigeria.



Puzzlextra have collaborated with these schools and have established a working relations with either one or a combination of our products and services listed below

  1.       Puzzle challenge club (PCC)
  2.       A puzzle challenge  workshop  (PCW)
  3.       21st Century Teachers training
  4.       Core curriculum Events– week  (Science, maths, literacy etc)
  5.        Extra-Curricular or Library update

We have chosen our first 21 just to coincide with our 21st century learning platform and we will be celebrating all schools which sign up in groups of 21 as we continue to grow and works in more schools across the country.

At these schools, we work with both Staff and students’ to transfer their learning and improve their academic performance by incorporating our skills for life curriculum. This curriculum has 6 main areas, 4 out of these areas are not delivered in today’s school environment but are required in today’s employers’ market. These areas are:

Logic, Strategy, Team building, Maths, Literacy & Critical Thinking

21st Century

21st Century

The 21 exemplars schools represent a wide range of learning environments, instructional frameworks and school cultures, reflecting the diverse settings in which the Puzzlextra can contribute to both updating teachers teaching skills & student success. In no particular order below is a list of schools we currently collaborate with:


 1.            PANAF Schools

2.            Hakda International School


1.            Abiola International school

2.            Childville School

3.            Amville School


1.            Solid Base

2.            Prime Academy

3.            Good Hope Stars School

4.            Evergreen Montessori

5.            Early Dew Montessori


1.            Esteem int’l school

2.            Baliz trust school

3.            Redeemer Teap

4.            Famaks school

5.            Abigail school

6.            Lightway Academy

7.            Florence Ake-Akodu

8.            Rightway Academy

9.            Queen Esther school

10.          Covenant Foundation

11.          American International School

We are thrilled to share what’s working in education through the stories of these tremendous schools, these exemplars show how dedicated, accomplished educators and school’s administrators and leaders are creating 21st century learning environments to prepare their students for college, career and life success.

We hope that interested teachers and school leaders will find ideas and inspiration for helping students build 21st century skills through our 21st Century learning platforms, products and services.

Puzzlextra wants to extend this good work and we are always looking to partner with schools to ensure no African child is left behind.

About Puzzlextra Limited

New Master logo 2

We are an edutainment company working with an aim to develop critical thinking skills and cognitive abilities in school learners of all ages.

Our aim is to work with the educational/academic institutions to create platforms where children can learn and be challenged differently but in an overall relaxed, stimulating and engaging way. We believe we are the first company in Nigeria to offer coordinated support to the basic educational journeys of our children by helping them to achieve their potential through play – using educational puzzles, strategy games and unique learning resources.

While leading private schools are in partnership with us and adopting this approach to learning, Puzzlextra advocates for local, state and federal schools to join in and support this approach in every school, where we use our unique range of educational puzzles, board games and resources.

We invite and work with schools and educational institutions across the country to create platforms that support the educational journey of the African student through curriculum based coordinated and competitive fun-filled activities.

We are open to sponsors both private and government initiatives, as our products and services will fit company’s corporate social responsibilities (CSR) criteria. Last year, we partnered with LEPA Africa on their creativity secession and also participated in COWBELL summer holiday program in the East.

“We believe that education would be much more effective if its purpose was to ensure that by the time they leave school, every boy and girl should know how much they do not know, and be imbued with a lifelong desire to know it”. – William Haley

School administrators, we know you are providing excellent service to your kids but let’s challenge you and your staff to think about what and how we think and s-t-r-e-t-c-h to new ways of knowing,  For further details or enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us,

You can also follow us on Twitter or like us on our Face book page


Telephone: 08033149298/08071501361/+447840026549/08063386464




Puzzlextra Limited, an edutainment company is proud to introduce this brain worthy product to the Nigerian Market.

Welcome to the first week of the last month of the year we hope you have been exercising your brains and have enjoyed our products highlight: BANANAGRAM, RUSH HOUR & RUSH HOUR JUNIOR

This week is all about showcasing one of our bestselling products that enhances core curricula subject Math in the African brain industry; our product of choice is the Equate Game.  An original idea, if you like Scrabble and math, you will love this game!

Equate game

Equate game

This is an educational game that will sharpen your math skills whilst having fun doing it. A great product, that promised to offer good and fun times with family and friends, it is a family oriented with an educational aspect to the game. This is a highly recommended international award winning game and a perfect fits for all ages, there are junior tiles caters for ages 5+ too.

Who is this for you ask?

It is ideal for Home, schools, corporate organisation, family events, gatherings, inter-house sport events, game nights,  School Maths Challenges, Maths week, Interschool competition and could be an added twist in any Scrabble event/competitions.

As maths is not a game that is liked by kids generally, most parents look for ways to supplement their kid’s education and maths experiences. This product will introduce the fun side of maths and will make kids approach and think about math differently.

When playing this board game it gives the child the much needed maths practice and other ways of brushing up their math’s skills outside the usual homework, and it’s definitely fun for the whole family.

Teachers – Are you looking for ways to enhance your maths experience amongst your students? Equate Game without a doubt, offers plenty of opportunities for critical thinking, planning, review of basic math (addition, subtraction), practice in grade-level or difficult math (multiplication, division, strings of operations).

It could also act as an ice breaker for introducing a new maths topic, it’s also ideal in the introduction of challenging concepts like equivalent fractions, multiplying/dividing fractions, etc.

Skills set: 

All our products have gone through a rigours selection process to ensure that we offer our customers products that meets the 3E’s Criteria– Educational, Entertaining and Exciting.

Equate Game is an excellent educational game from which you learn the following skills: Maths, Numerical reasoning, thinking skills, Tile placement, learn success & failure, problem solving, strategy formations and communication

It is a game for co-operative play, where all players can work together trying to use up all of the tiles filling the board out and you have less of head scratching actions by players and enhanced discussions and team work. During the co-operational type of play, players who are more advanced in math get to explain their equations to the younger ones, and everyone learns.

On the other hand, it could also be competitively amongst several players taking turns and keeping scores, a lot of head scratching actions occurs here !!!!.

Equate Game requires you to think – trying to figure not just the answers but what mathematical equation to use next.  The challenge is creating an equation out of what’s available – just like coming up with word possibilities in Scrabble.

This product is a hit and one of the most famous at our Puzzle Challenge day events and in our Puzzle challenge clubs. Look at students trying their hands on the game, learning and having fun with Maths – Can you believe these two words can be put in the same sentence?

 equate - Fountain Heights Equate - Edgewood equate@lightway academy

What’s in the box?

The game consists of

Equate Board Game


A Game Board as shown in the picture. This is hard cardboard like a scrabble board.

The tiles: Made out of Coated and Sturdy cardboard and have different levels, Original, junior and advance tiles.

The tile holders: This has a two-tier design, which is great for planning out possible equations

Ready, Set, Play!

Gameplay and setup is very easy (and one can also easily modify rules for simpler play). Players do not have to be good at math, as learning occurs through play.

The game begins by each player drawing 9 tiles, which can include whole numbers, fractions, and the equations tiles : addition/subtraction/multiplication/division tiles.

You have to make an equation that makes sense, like “3 x 3 = 9 “. if you’ve got 2 “4” tiles, a “x” (multiplication) tile, a “1”, and a “6”. Each move you can use an equals tile for free.

According to G. Cantor“In mathematics the art of proposing a question must be held of higher value than solving it”,Too often kids wants to arrive at an answer. What of the equations? This game makes player explore their knowledge of math a little deeper.

It works as a great educational gift/ present suitable for birthdaChristmas even Christmass celebrations

Hope you buy it! It’s a great educational and family friendly game.

Where to Buy in Nigeria:

Lagos: Mega Plaza, The Hub, Ebeanor

East: Eastern Supermarket, Living Source Supermarket, Pentagon

North: Glory Plaza Abuja and Kaduna

Check out our website, we are also on Twitter and Facebook; you can always emails us at

Nigeria Nuggets for Home 2 Skool (H2S) Connections:

The Home 2 Skool (H2S) Connections: We know education continues in and out of school, we understand the importance of home support or home schooling and this crucial for a successful educational and developmental experience for our kids.

We should not leave educating our kids to our teachers alone, as a #teacher opens the door, but you must enter by yourself, C. June because you can take the horse to the river but you can not force it to drink. What are we as parents/guardians doing to ensure that our kids are well prepared to take in the required learning! at school or in the world.

Puzzlextra explores the future of learning in all its dimensions, covering creativity and 21st century skills, technology and innovations in education through play. Our aim for this blog is to give a Home to school support and encouragement via our Home 2 Skool (H2S) Connections nuggets. Hope you enjoy the little nuggets.

H2S Connection: Parents you can reinforce ‘school skills’ through play at home by spending time each day to create a learning experience with a game, puzzle, book or journal, this can help prep the mind for academic work. There are new games in the Nigerian market that fits all ages, so the game can be played by several generations and all ages, none is left out.


Playing games & puzzles do not only provide a platform for learning but a good family gathering that will be remembered for a long time. It is not just the gathering for an owanbe/Party that is a family gathering but the good old days of siblings playing together – are the first taste of team building or competitive play and even problem solving abilities are most likely developed through our childhood play. 

Parents, there seems to be time spent on doing every thing else than spending some quality time with the kids in this fast paced world of us. Some of our games takes 10 minutes to play and 5 mins to calm down the excitement during the set up time. Can you spare 10 minutes – get off that phone or just delay that call, switch off the TV just for 10 mins and have fun with your family.

Parents/Guardian: Do you only evaluate your child’s school’s skill when the result’s are in? or when there is a major milestone – JAMB, GSCE or Primary school leaving?. Do not leave this evaluation to a critical time as a lot of time might have been lost by then.

Also do not leave the preparation of your child’s mind to to the  mercies of Househelp or Lesson Teachers or Private tutors, as they do it at a cost or for a business needs. Luckily for parents and guardians, we don’t need to do much in order to help nurture our children’s school’s skills. We just need to provide time and space for our kids to play make-believe, with our range of selected award winning products of games and puzzles you do not have to search so high depending on what you want to encourage we have games that fits various categories.



For timeless games, puzzles and brain teasers that foster play and help build school’s skills, give us a call today 2348033149298/08071501361/08063386464| or send us an email on and talk with one of our experts there will be able to tailor ideas specifically for your child’s age and interests. We can also give you ideas of family game nights that can be bring another angle of excitements to family gatherings.